IVRS appointed as industry winners 2022!

IVRS was recently appointed as industry winners or ‘’Branschvinnare’’, which is awarded to Swedish companies who have reached exceedingly positive revenue and result changes during the year. See what our CEO, Ramin Massoumi, had to say on the matter: Our mission has always been to bridge the gap between preclinical and clinical studies by offering flexible projects by […]

New segment model on human breast cancer for preclinical drug validation!

We constantly work to develop clinically relevant models to provide reliable platforms for preclinical drug validation. Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our second segment model on human breast cancer, using orthotopic transplantation of patient-derived xenografts (PDX) and in vivo bioluminescence imaging. All of these essential components are conducted in-house, ensuring seamless […]

IVRS is launching a segment model on human pancreatic cancer!

Introducing our pancreatic cancer segment model. At IVRS AB we are constantly working on ways to expand our service array with robust and clinically relevant methods. We are thus proud to introduce a series of segment models, starting with our platform to validate drug candidates targeting pancreatic cancer. Our approach to a successful validatory study combines orthotopic […]

IVRS welcomes Crown Bioscience to the EUREKA project ONCO-TARGET!

IVRS welcomes Crown Bioscience to the EUREKA project ONCO-TARGET! Two months ago, we welcomed our new collaborator within the EUROSTARS R&D and innovation project is one of the global pioneers when it comes to highlighting the importance of providing research and groundbreaking technologies, and shares the same mission as IVRS; to accelerate and de-risk the process […]

IVRS has initiated a collaboration with RISE!

With the recent expansion of our service array within NIR fluorescent imaging, PDX models and pushing state-of-the-art imaging to its limits, IVRS is ready to offer their services on a wider demographic scale. By teaming up with RISE Research Institutes of Sweden/Drug development at RISE, an independent and state-owned institute with a mission to bridge industry, […]

Positiva prekliniska resultat i Xintelas glioblastomprojekt i samarbete med IVRS

Xintela AB (publ) meddelar positiva prekliniska resultat i glioblastomprojektet. Xintela har utvecklat funktionsblockerande antikroppar som binder till bolagets målmolekyl integrin a10b1 och identifierat en antikropp som hämmar tillväxten av glioblastomtumörer i en preklinisk modell. Arbetet har utförts i samarbete med IVRS (In Vivo Research Services) i Lund. Läs hela pressmeddelandet