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In vivo imaging

Drug validation

Drug efficacy

Biodistribution studies

Toxicology assessment

Why choose IVRS?

Three researchers in a laboratory, deeply focused on their research endeavors.

Save time

Save time by collecting data at each step of your experiment.

Several researchers in a laboratory, with one individual noting down progress and discoveries.

Reduce costs

High-throughput approaches and capacity to follow up single animals.

An X-ray image of an animal, depicted in grayscale.

Real-time visuals

Follow the disease progression in real time from day 0.

Effective therapies

Personalized medicine and accelerated drug development

In vivo imaging plays a pivotal role in monitoring individual variations in real-time to design safer and more effective therapies.

Explore how our advanced in vivo imaging technology can enhance your capabilities.

100+ completed projects

20+ years of experience

10+ global partners

Several international scientific publications

Segment models

Discover our cutting-edge segment models, meticulously crafted at our company to unlock the power of drug discovery and ensure rigorous and efficient preclinical testing in the development of more effective treatments.

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