Drug efficacy

Drug efficacy services

A key challenge in drug development is establishing the relationship between the dose and the optimum effect of targeted agents against a given disease condition. Our team of experts guide you through the various phases of optimal dose determination from in vitro to in vivo experimental setting by using the right models.

Understanding how your drug is absorbed, distributed, metabolized, and excreted is critical. Our PK/PD studies provide essential insights into dosing, bioavailability, and optimal treatment regimens.

We elucidate the mechanism of action of your drug, helping you understand how it interacts with specific molecular targets and pathways. This knowledge is crucial for optimizing the drug’s efficacy and safety.

Our experts can take it into the next level and validate the desired therapeutic efficacy of your drug candidate either alone or in combination with other drugs in a given relevant preclinical models.

Research on identifying novel drug delivery systems remains crucial and various drug carrier systems have been established in the past. While you are aiming for a better drug delivery system and eager to improve the therapeutic efficacy of your drugs, out team of experts provide you the biocompatibility testing service using the right preclinical in vivo models. 

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